Courses Taught by Ranjan Chhibber

Currently Teaching:

1) “Wrestling With Superheroes:” A Digital Humanities Course analyzing DC Comics Superheroes, and relating Superhero mythology to the world of Pro Wrestling, including Mexican Lucha Libre and Japanese Puroresu.”

2) “Hackers in the Humanities:” A Digital Humanities course on the film/tv history of fictional hackers, cyberspies, leakers, and surveillance, including an in-depth analysis of Mr. Robot.  Students also read real-life accounts of leakers and the surveilliance state, such as Glenn Greenwald’s No Place to Hide, about Edward Snowden.

3) “On the Dark Side of the Asian Humanities:” A Visual Culture Course Analyzing Asian Anime, Manga, Asian Horror Films, and Puroresu.”

4) “mAFIA wORLD oRDER (mwo):” A Visual Studies class on the history and development of international fiction media, including films and books, dealing with organized crime. All films are subtitled, and produced outside of North America.”

5) “Wrestling With American Psychos”: A Culture Studies course covering the killers and cannibals in American horror fiction, films, and comic books, from the 19th Century to the Present.

6) “Views to A Kill:  James Bond in Film and Literature.”

and other general education Film/Visual Culture/ Digital Humanities courses.


Taught in the Past:

“Survive, If They Let You: A Film History Class on International Horror Films.”

“Film Metal Jacket: Action and Horror Films Across the Globe.”

“A History of World Cinema, Parts 1 and 2”

“Film Theory”

“Film Genres”